Making Terralogue Totems: Sidebar, Counselor.

Huh. Looks like I’ve forgotten to clue you in on just what the heck a “Terralogue Totem” is.

“ Terralogue Totems” are a set of sculptural designs based on the concept of the land speaking; these messages being symbolized through metal emblems. The designs are executed in three distinct formats: large sculptural Monoliths, Bike Racks, and Bollards.

 Maybe these little explanations we included on the plaques will help:

Making Terralogue Totems: Both Nitty and Gritty.

Getting into the meat of the fabrication now. Mostly a pretty straight-forward process and totally familiar to those of you who’ve followed along with other projects here on my blog. One hallmark of this particular design is the complication of using two different metals. Corten and stainless both rely on an oxide layer that develops on their surface to provide corrosion protection; Corten’s oxide just happens to be, well, rust-colored, while stainless steel’s is chalky gray. The only issue this presents is the rusty Corten oxide can stain the stainless (how the?), ruining the aesthetics of the piece. I elected to use internal supports (standoffs) to hold the two materials a quarter inch apart to prevent this.

Take a look at these photos and see if you can spot the standoffs.

Making Terralogue Totems: Digital Prototyping

The biggest benefit of using 3d CAD to design and prototype my work is the number of intermediate fabrication steps it bypasses. Once a design is settled upon, the digital version of the sculpture is basically finished; there may be a few loose ends and problems to address, but at this point the only thing left to do is to generate 2D CAD files to drive the cutting of the material. No maquette or other physical prototype is necessary, saving time and wasted material. Care does need to be taken to insure that the simpleton fabricator (me) can assemble the parts once they’re cut; careful labeling and color-coding are a huge help.

Beautiful Light.

I took this photo the day I finished up the Lincoln Corridor project. Gorgeous late afternoon day in November. Love Colorado.

“Construct” Totem at the entrance of Odell Brewing here in Fort Collins

Now that I’ve gotten the actual hard work done on these, I’ll take some time to make a few posts outlining the process that brought them in to being.